Paul G. Pereyda Karayan


Hacker of software, data, and molecules.

Started my career in the sciences - I am a graduate of Duke University (AB with Distinction) and UC Berkeley (MS, on leave from PhD program).

A generalist who has "discovered and solved hard problems that matter" (TM) at Silicon Valley startups for 10+ years.

Write code, build/design software systems, do some consulting, and dabble in a bit of investing.


I've spent the past 10 years analyzing datasets and building web applications on top of them.

I'm currently at a Machine Learning startup called Primer, working mostly on the Software Infrastructure

Previously, I was the Product Lead for at The Climate Corporation - bringing big data to agriculture.

I also spent a number of years working to reinvent the infrastructure of the financial industry at Addepar - in both Product Management and Engineering Management roles.

Addepar (article) The Climate Corporation Primer's Award Winning Covid-19 Dashboard Primer

Contact Paul

beer in france

paulkarayan AT gmail DOT com